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Game! Time!

Today we’ll be playing a game, I use to play this game during childhood, it about the number of names you can remember.

There are different categories; name of food, name of a boy or male, female, school, etc.

This is how it goes;

The first player starts by saying the category e.g name of boy –
Name of boy, name of boy, name of boy that you know: Collins
Player 2: James
Player 1: Peter
Player 2: Paul
it goes on and on, anyone who pauses for a second or says a wrong name is out.

Playing it on

  • We will only deal with a single category; “Name of Food.”
  • No time limit or penalty for pausing
  • Penalty for typing the wrong food name = Game over for the typer
  • No number of players limit; opened to everyone
  • Admin moderates and approves the comments
  • Winner: Any one who successfully names 20 types of food
  • wait for the approval of your comment and another player to play before typing a new comment

for more enquiries drop a message here


Beware of the Pharisee and Saducee’s yeast (sunday special)

Memory Verse: Matthew 16: 6:

“Be careful”, Jesus said to them. “Be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees.”


Text: Matthew 16: 5-12

The disciples of christ were puzzled when He told them to beware, they lacked understanding at that moment, when Jesus gave them some instances, they understood. (Matt 16:12)

As christians we should keep away any attitude or behaviour that will seperate us from God, Christ illustrated that food is not the only thing taken by man, words and doctrines are part, any doctrine that is adding to christ’s word or subtracting from it is wrong, we all should beware.

Thanks for reading.

Trending Campaign; #WifenotCook

The “wife not cook” campaign sounds funny to me because those who came up with it must have gone through years of painful silence. cooking or being expected to cook has been seen to be burdensome, especially when he returns and the food isn’t ready; some men need to mind and watch their actions during such moments, yes we know that “an hungry man is an angry man” but remember that she is your love, you got married to take care of her and not to bully.

Wives! Wives! Wive!, How many times did I type Wives!? trice or four times, please listen attentively, Husbands are meant to take care of their wives and vice-versa, He is the head of the home, you don’t expect him to cook, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t assist you neither does it warrant him to be harsh when you don’t, you should take care of him and understand one another.

Finally, note that he can never call you a cook, if he can’t then why call yourself. We all have our duties at home, what if I, as a male child under my parents, raise a campaign like #childnotmaid or #childnotservant?, how would my parents feel?

Let’s think about this. Peace.