Game! Time!

Today we’ll be playing a game, I use to play this game during childhood, it about the number of names you can remember.

There are different categories; name of food, name of a boy or male, female, school, etc.

This is how it goes;

The first player starts by saying the category e.g name of boy –
Name of boy, name of boy, name of boy that you know: Collins
Player 2: James
Player 1: Peter
Player 2: Paul
it goes on and on, anyone who pauses for a second or says a wrong name is out.

Playing it on

  • We will only deal with a single category; “Name of Food.”
  • No time limit or penalty for pausing
  • Penalty for typing the wrong food name = Game over for the typer
  • No number of players limit; opened to everyone
  • Admin moderates and approves the comments
  • Winner: Any one who successfully names 20 types of food
  • wait for the approval of your comment and another player to play before typing a new comment

for more enquiries drop a message here


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