How To Prepare Fresh Fish Stew

How To Prepare Fresh Fish Stew

Recipes: Onions (sliced or grated), pepper (blended), tomatoes (blended), seasoning cubes, salt, curry, fresh fish, water, vegetable oil and tomato paste.

Steps to cooking fresh fish stew;

  • put pot on fire to ensure that it’s dry
  • when dry, add the vegetable oil and allow to heat up

  • when oil gets well heated add the onions, pepper, tomatoes and stir

  • add curry after some minutes and allow to get steamed up till the water content is reduced and you can see the oil

  • when the water content gets well reduced and you can see the oil; add the tomato paste and stir well

  • Add seasoning cubes, salt and stir

  • taste for salt and seasoning (add more if necessary)

  • Add the fresh fish and tilt the pot gently from side to side to avoid crushing the fish

  • Add water as preferred to boost the stew from being too dry and allow to boil.

  • taste for salt and pepper, sprinkle more if required. Also taste to make sure the tomato is well cooked (allow the stew to steam up for more minutes if needed).


Fresh fish stew goes with;
* Boiled Yam
* Boiled white rice
* Fufu
* Semo
* Eba and some other carbohydrate foods.

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