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For You: The Wishes of The Founder of Nahfood Services

Hello! Readers, I wish you a happy Sunday, a blissfull new week and great month of September. 😉

From me the founder of this blog – Paul 🙂

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Thanks! 😉

Happy Birthday to the young founder of

All Glory be to God in the highest, His mercies endures forever. Halleluyah!!! HBD Paulo Happy

What are you cooking ahead of your birthday?

🙂 After this morning’s devotion, Esther (my younger sister) came with her question;

Bro. Paul what are you cooking ahead of your birthday tomorrrow?

I was like 😀 , “lets wait till tomorrow, where-as, you are the one meant to celebrate me! 😀

My statement amazed her, “You know I dont have the money to do that” 🙂 she said. Alright! How many seasoning cubes do we have in the kitchen? I asked, Go and count it so that we can know how many [of the cubes] we’ll be sharing tomorrow! 😀 (she busted into a great laugh). 😉

Uhm. . . Tomorrow (My Birthday) is in God’s hands, He will make the provisions. I’m assured through the words of Jesus Christ in the book of Matthew 6:25-34.

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Thanks! And have a lovely day 😉

\(^_^)/ 1st of September

😀 Are you getting your belly set?
– 🙂 It’s just a joke, b’cus the choppies might not get to everyone (due to distance).

My Birthday Anniversary is very near.
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Thanks and God Bless You