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Today’s Quote

“All the Labour of man is for his mouth, and yet his appetite is not filled.”

Ecclesiastes 6:7 KJV

In Pidgin:

“All the work wey man dey do, na for in mouth, but in bele no dey full”

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5 Ways to Get Fat or Add some weight

Having a good weight is part of your health status, because it shows the level of care you have given to your body. If you spend the whole day under stress, eat a wrong diet or fall ill frequently, you might end up loosing a whole lot of weight.

Some ways in which you can get fat or add more weight

1. Set a Plan
You might ask, What’s the plan for? In everything you wish to achieve, you need a plan, and adding weight, or getting fat is not left out. Check your present weight and set a goal, this helps you determine the level of progress made.

2. Increase the number of times you eat
To get fat, you have to eat well, 3 times a day meal might not be a enough, try increasing to 4 or 5 times, according to weight gain is all about consuming more calories than you burn for energy, which makes your body to store the excess as body fat. Livestrong also stated that the best foods for weight gain are calorie dense, meaning, they contain a relatively large number of calories with little bulk; nut, peanut butter, whole wheat, thick beans soup, avocado, sardines, soya beans, fish and dairy product like cheese fall under this category, because dairy and meats are high in saturated fat, which can cause heart disease, you should choose a low fat version. You need fruits and vegetables for good nutrition, though they do not have much calories, bananas, pineapples, potatoes and corn have a good level of calorie for your body.

3. Avoid Stress and Energy Sapping Activities
Stress mainly affects the mind, managing issues that causes this can help you add weight, how? Your mind and brain works together, if you’re not mentally settled and disturbed by situations around, this will tell on your weight. Energy sapping activities like lifting or moving heavy objects, and trecking long distances can reduce your weight, hence try to avoid it.

4. Get Adequate Sleep
Sleeping helps your nerves to relax, this reduces stress and helps you add more weight. have you ever checked the mirror after a 3 hours afternoon nap? You need a good sleep to add more weight.

5. Avoid getting frequently Ill
When you get ill, your body loses weight, especially when you keep throwing up or stooling. Most illness causes loss of appetite and this will deprive you of food that will add to your weight.

NB. Please note:
The tips stated above are experience I’ve personally encountered, coupled with some little online research, if your doctor has given you directions on your diet, meals you should and shouldn’t take; Please ensure you stick to it. It is also advisable that you seek a doctors go ahead, before embarking on a weight adding scheme. As you add more weight try to balance it up with some fitness exercise, this helps your body to make good use of the fat gain.

๐Ÿ™‚ Stay Healthy

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I hope say you dey ready (hope you’re getting ready).

๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you’re getting set for the Pidgin English translation of Genesis 3:1-24 (the fall of man), tell your friends about it because it’s gonna be great. I’ll be giving you another insight to the chapter, verse 17.

-God had declared serveral consequences and curses upon the Big snake (the serpent) and the woman, it was Adam’s turn.


God con tell Adam, “because you don answer your wife, chop that fruit wey I say make una no chop; the ground don collect curse because of you, you no go happy as you dey chop am, till you kpeme.”

It’s 1hr+09mins to go, call your friends and family, read the the Full Translation together and drop your thoughts about it. #SHALOM ๐Ÿ™‚

Engr Paulo

Genesis 3:11 in Pidgin English

๐Ÿ™‚ Good morning to you! (it’s morning in Nigeria)

-After Adam had confessed, how he hid himself when he heard the voice of God.

GENESIS 3:11: God talk, “who tell you say clothe no dey your body? you don chop inside that tree, wey I talk say make you no chop?”

Thanks for reading, do have a pleasant and miracle filled sunday, in Jesus name.

๐Ÿ™‚ Remember: TODAY BY 4PM GMT; The full Pidgin English translation of Genesis 3. Please share with your friends and don’t miss it.


Joke of the Day

One evening, I ate too much, my stomach became Over filled.
Hey!, what have I done to my self? I couldn’t stand, sitting was like someone placed an heavy ball in my stomach, what do I do? There was a program in church in church and I’m part of the choresters, hmm, how do I face the congregation? ๐Ÿ˜€ plzzzzzzzzzz Help!

Beyond the Joke

๐Ÿ™‚ My people, may we shop moderately oo, No gain in gluttony and it makes you spiritually and mentally weak, Hence eat moderately, you hear?


Oya share am with your friends, but tell them not to laugh too much o, you hear. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Power of Breakfast

Almost everyone likes breakfast, especially those that can not endure the over night deprivation of food.

Breakfast is a self explanatory word; break the fast – “BreakFast,” keep away from food (fast) and eat after a period of time (break).

“Almost everyone likes breakfast, especially those that can not endure the over night deprivation of food.”

Food experts and nutritionists term Breakfast as the food eaten in the morning, Lunch – Afternoon and Dinner or Supper for night meals.

The type of meals we eat for breakfast is important, a well known food quote states that, “We are what we eat,” If we eat a wrong meal, it will definitely have a negative impact on our health for that day. A man that consumes Eba and Egusi soup as breakfast can not have a similar mental ability with one who ate Bread and Tea or even Rice and Stew.

“If we eat a wrong meal, it will definitely have a negative impact on our health for that day.”

Below are some local Food wey good for break fast
(Some local food good for breakfast)

majorly Nigerian foods

  • Rice and Stew
  • Rice and Beans
  • Rice and Vegetable
  • Rice and fried Plantain
  • Rice and Salad

Hence Rice is Good for Break fast

  • Bread and Tea
  • Bread and Stew
  • Bread and Egg
  • Bread and Beans
  • Bread and Pap
  • Custard with milk and bread or biscuit
  • Oat meal with milk

A man that consumes Eba and Egusi soup as break fast can not have a similar mental ability with one who ate Bread and Tea or even Rice and Stew.

Bread is a good breakfast as well

  • Beans and Pap
  • Beans and Plantain
  • Moinmoin (beans peeled, blended, seasoned, put in container and boiled) and pap
  • Bean cake (same as moinmoin but fried instead of boiling) and pap.
  • Beans is a healthy choice as well.

    According to


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    The Funny Derived meaning of Workshop by DoGood

    According to DoGood the main character of the popular family drama DoGood on Africa Magic Family Tv channel;


    “Where a man work na there in go shop, that is why Oyinbo call am work shop”

    lol make this baba leave pesin o. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Chicken Chest part is More Economical in Nigeria


    As at today 6th of April 2017 Chicken chest costs N1,300 for a kilogram, if you compare this price with turkey which is N1,200, you might be tempted to go for the turkey (because of the N100 difference) , Chicken wings also cost N1,300.

    More parts of the chicken chest are sold (with wings) and this parts contain less bone compared to others (turkey and chicken wings), it boosts your stew and soup (although I prefer using it for stew), hence I think it’s more economical.

    If you haven’t tried it, now is a chance, you can give me a feedback on your thoughts.

    Thanks for Reading

    Frozen foods (chicken) in but without the chicken chest (my economical favorite), the chest part can be gotten in any local store around you in Nigeria

    1kg Frozen Chicken; N2,271
    1 carton of frozen chicken wings;10kg N14,571
    Live Chiken; Old Layer – 1kg N2,333
    Frozen chicken laps – 1KG – N1,050 (ONLY in ABUJA)

    Is it right to cook rice with a frypan?


    “Frypans are lighter and they fry and cook faster.”

    Is it right to cook rice with a frypan?

    Yes Or No? (why)

    Drop your comments below, thanks!


    Trending Campaign; #WifenotCook

    The “wife not cook” campaign sounds funny to me because those who came up with it must have gone through years of painful silence. cooking or being expected to cook has been seen to be burdensome, especially when he returns and the food isn’t ready; some men need to mind and watch their actions during such moments, yes we know that “an hungry man is an angry man” but remember that she is your love, you got married to take care of her and not to bully.

    Wives! Wives! Wive!, How many times did I type Wives!? trice or four times, please listen attentively, Husbands are meant to take care of their wives and vice-versa, He is the head of the home, you don’t expect him to cook, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t assist you neither does it warrant him to be harsh when you don’t, you should take care of him and understand one another.

    Finally, note that he can never call you a cook, if he can’t then why call yourself. We all have our duties at home, what if I, as a male child under my parents, raise a campaign like #childnotmaid or #childnotservant?, how would my parents feel?

    Let’s think about this. Peace.



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    Which of these is more endurable and why?

    Hello! How are you doing today?

    I thought of this and decided to share it with you to know your view, listening to the view of others is really interesting.

    If you were very hungry and given two different meals:

    Meal 1 – Excessively Salted

    Meal 2 – Excess Pepper.

    Which would you go for and why?

    Drop your comments in the box below. (after filling the required details)


    Food is good,
    everyone needs food
    , but food is not everything.”

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    Today’s Quote

    “Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'”” (Matthew 4:4).

    Today’s Quote

    “Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'”” (Matthew 4:4).

    Sunday Special

    What if Eve had rejected the Apple from the serpent? (Genesis 3:6)

    What would have happened?

    I would like to hear from you, Lets talk about it, Use the comment box and share this post with friends.


    Still on Eba

    Everyone’s style of preparing it is different…

    ยค some cover it to absorb the hot water

    ยค others turn immediately

    ยค some dilute the hot water, while some don’t

    ยค some sift the shaft after pouring the garri, while others don’t
    but at the end we all eat it and the Eba ends up it the stomach, goes through digestion process and so on…

    But you won’t enjoy a badly made Eba;

    ยค with too much lumps (Yoruba calls it koko while in Kalabari it’s “Ingboli”)

    ยค made excessively soft

    ยค Too hard

    ยค Still having the raw taste of garri

    ยค not well mixed.

    My Verdict: Make your eba properly to enjoy it and don’t be in a haste because every food has an end product in the stomach, hence prepare it well.
    Thanks for reading…