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The Health Benefits Of Coconuts


Coconut which is botanically known as Cocos nucifera is a fibrous one seeded drupe, a fruit with hard covering over it’s seed like Olive and peach.

A coconut is special to man due to it’s taste, it is also packed with all round usefullness, from it’s main covering (husk) to the energy giving water in it.

According to Mary Luciano an author at; fresh coconut can either be young or matured, young coconuts contains more water and soft gel-like meat, the mature coconut is cripsy and contains less water. Young coconuts have more health benefits, it is an high source of electrolyte. Electrolytes makes us adequately hydrated, it helps the nerves and muscles to function properly. You should know that the water in this coconut is better than sports drinks because it gives reliable energy; it is low in calories, carbohydrates, sugar and fat. The young coconut is high in ascorbic acid, vitamin B and Proteins.

The crunchy and edible part of a coconut is called it’s meat or flesh, this tasty part is processed in several ways to get a milk, cream, oil or flour, consuming this gives you some vital health supports. The meat of Young coconuts helps the body to restore oxidative tissue damage and contains healthy fats, proteins and various vitamins and minerals.

Coconut Oil –

It is gotten from a mature coconut with hard meat, it’s white flesh is sliced into small pieces and cold-pressed at 90 – 100 degree Fahrenheit (Mary Luciano-, this oil is pure and healthy for consumption, It contains saturated fat but not high in calorie. This oil has alot of medium chain fatty acid that increase metabolism and helps in fat loss. It is metabolises immediately and the fat is burned off in the body as energy.

Pure Coconut oil detoxifies your body and balances the digestive tract. It is one of the most suitable oil for cooking because it does not release harmful vapour when heated like other vegetable oils. The coconut oil can be used on the skin and hair, instead of using dangerous lotions, this oil moisturises and nourishes you skin better.

Coconut Oil Protects From Heart Attack and Stroke

According to an article on, Scientists discovered coconut oil as a new powerful weapon against heart disease. Consuming the oil on a regular basis can reduce your chances of suffering a heart attack. Although coconut oil is saturated fat, it does not have a negative effect on cholestrol.

Eating Coconuts Helps your Body Fight Diseases

Coconuts helps the human body with it’s anti-parasitic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and antifungal power, this boosts the immune system against diseases.

The Health Benefits Of Fresh Fish Stew

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Fresh Fish health benefit

These are some of the Health Benefits of Fresh fish stew

  • It’s a good source of Vitamin A, B and C which boost and protects the immune system.
  • The fish stew gives Omega-3 fatty acid – which supports the body in several ways (reduces depression, helps the brain, also reduces asthmatic symptoms –

  • It’s a very good source of protein as well – for the good and healthy growth of the body.

NB: It is adviced to consume several types of fresh fish, avoid a constant consumption of a particular one – because it will create some negetive effects in the body system. Pregnant women and young kids should consume fish in a moderate way too – excess consumption isn’t good.

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Kitchen Safety Tip #1: Beware of Grease Fire (Fire Caused By Oil )

Kitchen Safety Tip #1: Beware Of Grease Fire (Fire Caused By Oil )

“Never put oil on the fire and walk away, monitor it; if over heated, it could lead to fire outbreak.”


What you should know on Fire Outbreak Caused by Oil:

Fire caused by oil is referred to as grease fire, it occurs when oil reaches a particular temperature under heat. This depends on the type of oil used, every oil has a point of causing fire (flashpoint), according to fire outbreak will automatically occour when the temperature of any oil reaches 400-435 degree Celsius (750 – 815 degree Fahrenheit).

How to Quench Grease Fire (Fire Caused by Oil)

  • Use a dry powder, foam or carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, immediately.
  • WARNING!: Never use water to quench a grease fire, it will worsen it

  • Try to turn off the fuel source immediately (stove, gas cooker or any cooking device used).
  • If the fire has gone round the kitchen; close the doors and windows as you quench, this will reduce breeze or oxygen that spreads the fire, also ensure your fans are off.
  • Be! sensitive!, once you notice the fire getting out of control, call the fire service, call neighbours to assist, never wait till it gets out of hand before doing this.

Remember this for Your Safety

Cooking is an activity that requires your total attension, a little diversion can lead to great disaster (not our portion, In Jesus name), hence we should be alert.

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5 Ways to Get Fat or Add some weight

Having a good weight is part of your health status, because it shows the level of care you have given to your body. If you spend the whole day under stress, eat a wrong diet or fall ill frequently, you might end up loosing a whole lot of weight.

Some ways in which you can get fat or add more weight

1. Set a Plan
You might ask, What’s the plan for? In everything you wish to achieve, you need a plan, and adding weight, or getting fat is not left out. Check your present weight and set a goal, this helps you determine the level of progress made.

2. Increase the number of times you eat
To get fat, you have to eat well, 3 times a day meal might not be a enough, try increasing to 4 or 5 times, according to weight gain is all about consuming more calories than you burn for energy, which makes your body to store the excess as body fat. Livestrong also stated that the best foods for weight gain are calorie dense, meaning, they contain a relatively large number of calories with little bulk; nut, peanut butter, whole wheat, thick beans soup, avocado, sardines, soya beans, fish and dairy product like cheese fall under this category, because dairy and meats are high in saturated fat, which can cause heart disease, you should choose a low fat version. You need fruits and vegetables for good nutrition, though they do not have much calories, bananas, pineapples, potatoes and corn have a good level of calorie for your body.

3. Avoid Stress and Energy Sapping Activities
Stress mainly affects the mind, managing issues that causes this can help you add weight, how? Your mind and brain works together, if you’re not mentally settled and disturbed by situations around, this will tell on your weight. Energy sapping activities like lifting or moving heavy objects, and trecking long distances can reduce your weight, hence try to avoid it.

4. Get Adequate Sleep
Sleeping helps your nerves to relax, this reduces stress and helps you add more weight. have you ever checked the mirror after a 3 hours afternoon nap? You need a good sleep to add more weight.

5. Avoid getting frequently Ill
When you get ill, your body loses weight, especially when you keep throwing up or stooling. Most illness causes loss of appetite and this will deprive you of food that will add to your weight.

NB. Please note:
The tips stated above are experience I’ve personally encountered, coupled with some little online research, if your doctor has given you directions on your diet, meals you should and shouldn’t take; Please ensure you stick to it. It is also advisable that you seek a doctors go ahead, before embarking on a weight adding scheme. As you add more weight try to balance it up with some fitness exercise, this helps your body to make good use of the fat gain.

🙂 Stay Healthy

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Still on Eba

Everyone’s style of preparing it is different…

¤ some cover it to absorb the hot water

¤ others turn immediately

¤ some dilute the hot water, while some don’t

¤ some sift the shaft after pouring the garri, while others don’t
but at the end we all eat it and the Eba ends up it the stomach, goes through digestion process and so on…

But you won’t enjoy a badly made Eba;

¤ with too much lumps (Yoruba calls it koko while in Kalabari it’s “Ingboli”)

¤ made excessively soft

¤ Too hard

¤ Still having the raw taste of garri

¤ not well mixed.

My Verdict: Make your eba properly to enjoy it and don’t be in a haste because every food has an end product in the stomach, hence prepare it well.
Thanks for reading…