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The Day God Created Food

The Day God Created Food

Genesis 1:11-12
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Day of Creation

Third day

Bible Reference: Genesis 1:11-13


Glory be to God for this great day, it gave birth to most of our lovely and delicious recipes.

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In Pigin English:

We give God glory for this day, na this day born most of our fine and sweet things wey we dey take make food.

Pidgin English Thankgiving Prayer

O LORD I thank you for this day,
I thank you say you make the seeds; the one for Ogbono soup, Egusi, Ugwu, Water leaf and others, Our Lord, we say thank you ooo.

Papa God as you dey give us food everyday, abeg, those wey no get, help them, provide for dem. God use us bless dem, in Jesus name. Amen!

Action Point For This Week:

Whenever you observe that someone around you needs support; monetary, shelter, feeding, advise, etc., please do not overlook them, try your possible best to give a hand of support. God bless you and have a fulfilled new week in Jesus’ name.

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Please Watch out for next week’s Sunday Special post, God bless.


For You: The Wishes of The Founder of Nahfood Services

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