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\(^_^)/ Thank God say today na Sunday!

😉 Sunday na special day, all of us like am because e no too busy like other days; the major work wey we dey do na to serve God and pray.

I wish you a happy sunday and a great new week, God bless you oooo, In Jesus name.



Who is hungry?

Are you hungry?
There’s a good News for you!


What’s the Good News?

“Jesus is the bread of Life”

😀 😉 🙂 😀
this was My Chemistry Teacher’s style of teasing us back then at Ijaiye Ojokoro Senior High School 1.
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Keep Laughing it relieves Stress, Stay Blessed.

Rice & Beans Quiz


Hurry! The 1st 4 entries get an airtime recharge, be the first. (exclusive to Nigeria)

You can still answer, If you’re not from Nigeria. In fact I use this opportunity to appreciate my non-Nigerian readers (Americans, Germans, Ivorians, Serbians, Mexicans, etc), you guy have been nice to me, I’m grateful, Tuale! 😉

The quiz helps to build your knowledge.

Type your answers in the comment box Below!:

Rice and Beans Quiz

    1. Whish is your favourite?

    2. Which gives energy?

    3. Which is Proteinious?

    4. Gives Carbohydrate

    5. For Growth

    6. More delicious

    7. Easy to cook

    8. Consumes less time when cooking

    9. Good for Breakfast

    10. Good for the body

    11. Cheaper to buy

hmm. . . 😀
Lets see the Genius!