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Still on Eba

Everyone’s style of preparing it is different…

¤ some cover it to absorb the hot water

¤ others turn immediately

¤ some dilute the hot water, while some don’t

¤ some sift the shaft after pouring the garri, while others don’t
but at the end we all eat it and the Eba ends up it the stomach, goes through digestion process and so on…

But you won’t enjoy a badly made Eba;

¤ with too much lumps (Yoruba calls it koko while in Kalabari it’s “Ingboli”)

¤ made excessively soft

¤ Too hard

¤ Still having the raw taste of garri

¤ not well mixed.

My Verdict: Make your eba properly to enjoy it and don’t be in a haste because every food has an end product in the stomach, hence prepare it well.
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What’s Your Favorite Food?

Wetin be Your best food

Hi! Everyone,
Today is really gonna be great! Food is very essential for human growth, it helps to build tissues in our body, keeps us strong, gives our body what it requires for Good health.

Today I’ld like to know your favorite food, which do you like most?

Use the comment box below.
Aim: To know the food that takes the largest percentage.
So Lets do this! Together.
I like Beans
what do you like?