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For You: The Wishes of The Founder of Nahfood Services

Hello! Readers, I wish you a happy Sunday, a blissfull new week and great month of September. 😉

From me the founder of this blog – Paul 🙂

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Thanks! 😉


\(^_^)/ 1st of September

😀 Are you getting your belly set?
– 🙂 It’s just a joke, b’cus the choppies might not get to everyone (due to distance).

My Birthday Anniversary is very near.
If you wont be sending any gift to me, please Make sure you send a wellwishing messsage, prayer or advise. I WILL GREATLY APPRECIATE IT… GOD BLESS YOU, IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME.
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Thanks and God Bless You

My Dear Friend


🙂 I promised My dear friend, “Dear, I will write about you before releasing a post on my latest special service (Nahfood Services).”

🙂 I have a friend and He’s so special to me, his words keep me going. Whenever I call on him he answers, but most times I make sure I don’t offend him with my attitude or character.

Why I Love My Friend


  • Whenever I’m sad or ill, when things go wrong, I often call on Him. Do you know what he does? He tells his Father immediately and my problems are settled. His Father is so wealthy and powerful, I spoke to Him often, through my friend.
  • At times I offend my friend, but he’s always willing to forgive me, whenever I go back to him and ask for forgiveness.

  • My friend often gave me warnings on the things of the world, He said, “we lose it once we are gone”. He told me not to worry, on what to wear, eat or drink. He gave me an assurance that his Father would provide everything.

  • My friend was always available to protect me. Whenever my enemies attacked, once I call him, they run away immediately, they dont even want to hear his name at all.

  • The devil, a very wicked fellow, he tried to tempt my friend. I Love my friend, he overcame the devil. He rebuked him, the wicked fellow ran away. I was so happy.
    🙂 😉 🙂

The Death Of My Dear Friend

😦 😦 😦

A lot of wicked people were not happy when they saw the good things that my friend did. He was not only kind to me but to everyone that came close to him. All these good things made the wicked people angry, they planned against him. My friend had told us of his death, but he said something strange – he told us that after 3 days he will arise. . .
Everything he said happened, till today my friend is alive, His Father too. Although I can not see him physically, He told me that if I call him and believe, he would answer me. Today, My friend is everywhere. . .

Are you going through any situation in your health, marriage, finance, family, carreer?

Feel free to call the name of my friend and he will save you – if you believe, that was what he told me.

If you have a bad attitude or character, if you have been wicked – please stop it NOW. My friend loves those who stop bad attitudes and wickedness.

As I reveal my friend’s name, I want you to always call him when you’re in trouble, shout his name, and great transformation will occur – but remember to stop wickedness, bad attitude and character.



God The Father will bless you for reading about my dear friend, I declare answers to your prayers and victory over situations challenging you, in Jesus name. AMEN!

  • post inspired by Pastor EA Adeboye (General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God) @ an Holy Ghost Congress in the U.S – THE KING OF GLORY

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“I promised My dear friend, “Dear, I will write about you before releasing a post on my latest special service (Nahfood Services)”

It’s a service supported and co-managed by me and two great catering and event managing experts
Nimi & Gbemi
Today: 8:00pm
Watch Out!!!

Sunday Special

😦 Some #wish to be #honest, but the consequence refrains them.

🙂 Say – O LORD, Give me the power of honesty, protect me whenever I practice honesty, in Jesus name. AMEN.

🙂 I’ll appreciate your questions/contributions to this topic (HONESTY).