Still on Eba

Everyone’s style of preparing it is different…

¤ some cover it to absorb the hot water

¤ others turn immediately

¤ some dilute the hot water, while some don’t

¤ some sift the shaft after pouring the garri, while others don’t
but at the end we all eat it and the Eba ends up it the stomach, goes through digestion process and so on…

But you won’t enjoy a badly made Eba;

¤ with too much lumps (Yoruba calls it koko while in Kalabari it’s “Ingboli”)

¤ made excessively soft

¤ Too hard

¤ Still having the raw taste of garri

¤ not well mixed.

My Verdict: Make your eba properly to enjoy it and don’t be in a haste because every food has an end product in the stomach, hence prepare it well.
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Who I Be? “RIDDLE”

Who I be?

“na me be the boss of pikin or man wey neva chop since morning”

wetin I be?

Food of the Day

My food of the day is EBA!

Class: Carhbohydrate
Nutrient: For Energy
Raw form: Garri and water (seperated)
More raw: Cassava
It is ate with any type of Soup: Okro, Egusi, Banga, Ogbono, Bitter leaf and other type of soups.

NB: Eba is best eaten in the Afternoon for health reasons.

Recipe for making Eba:

(yellow or white)
water (hot)

Packaged Ijebu Garri for sale (10 packs)

Utensils needed:
A wooden Spoon and a Bowl.

Now who go teach us how to make Eba?

The best entry would be posted on the blog with the winner’s name and picture, that’s not all; winner will also get my “small boy gift” of an airtime (preferred network).

NB II: if you’re not teaching us then vote the entries; the highest vote wins.
Oya! #EBA
me sef I won learnoo…

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How to Prepare a Delicious Pot Of Beans

Recipes needed:

Beans, onions, pepper, tomatoes, vegetable oil, palm oil (optional), seasoning cubes, salt, curry and crayfish (optional).


  1. Pick out the beans from the shaft
  2. Blend pepper and crayfish seperately
  3. Slice the tomatoes and onions



Main Steps

Step 1: Boil the beans till it gets soft (not too soft; but soft)

Step 2: when soft add some onions
and salt, allow to boil for 2-3minutes

Steps 3: Keep away the beans and put a fry pan to dry, add some red oil (allow to fry for 15 seconds) and vegetable oil to the fry pan and allow the oil to heat up

Step 4: When the oil is hot add onions, tomatoes and peper, allow this to fry very well

Step 5: Once the water content in it starts getting dried add curry then stir.

Step 6: Add crayfish, seasoning cubes and some little salt then stir

Step 7: Return the beans, pour all the contents (peper, onions, tomatoes mixture) of the fry pan into it and stir well

Step 8: Have a taste and add some seasoning cubes or salt if needed

Step 9: Allow to heat up very well and stir continuously to avoid burning the beans for 10 – 15 minutes.

Step 10: 🙂 wetin remain? 😀
😀 Your delicious Beans Is Ready!
😉 Weldone!

Your delicious pot of beans can go with;

Bread, Yam, Ijebu Garri (sprinkling on the beans or soaking in water with sugar and salt for drinking), pap, rice, plantain or

Food Nutrient and Fact
Did You Know that eating your delicious beans with the above list of carbohydrate food is a balanced diet?

Beans- Protein

Tomatoes, Peper, Onions, crayfish – vitamins and mineral salt

Salt – mineral salt

Vegetable and Palm oil – fat & oil

Rice, Bread, Yam… – Carbohydrate

Water (used for cooking and drank after the meal)

So! Always make sure its on your roaster…

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Ijebu Garri (packed)

Stallion Rice (The best grain)

Meet the Young Chap in Charge

I appreciate The Most High God for this privilege, it gives me great joy expressing myself and views to You, I appreciate your coming around.

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Pidgin Quote Of The Day

“Soup wey sweet na money kill am”


“Obe to dun, Owo lo pa”


“belem be flo, Igbigi anam-baye”


I need someone to translate this to Igbo, Hausa or any other foreign language starting from “ENGLISH”
I know there are a lot of genius out there, lets begin!

Sunday Special

My Chemistry teacher then in Ijaiye Ojokoro Senior High School (Pastor Adesokan) would suddenly ask the class, “Who is Hungry?”, if you’re hungry raise your hands to signify, everyone obeys with great enthusiam, he continues and says there is a good! news for you!;

“Jesus is the bread of life.”


    Hope You Had A Great Sunday

I wish all of una a great new week oo…

Sunday Special

How well do you know your bible?
“Then God said, “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds”. And it was so.” (Genesis 1:11).


On what day of creation did God create food?

A. Day 2
B. Day 3
C. Day 4
D. Day 5


All glory to God for today, He is great and wonderful. Ayo Vince in his song stated that everything written about Him is great, GOD is great.

One of the major things we should appreciate God for is the sacrifice of His son Jesus christ; to redeem and grant freedom to the whole world, He’s great!

Prayer: Dear LORD, Do Something Great in my life Today, in Jesus name, Amen.

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Sunday Special/My Fact Book

Hope You had a great day.

Did you know that the type of food one eats depends on the magnitude of blessings the person recieves?

Prayer: The Testimony that will make me cook Jollof Rice, Roast Chicken and call everyone for celebration shall locate me today, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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