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The Health Benefits Of Fresh Fish Stew

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Fresh Fish health benefit

These are some of the Health Benefits of Fresh fish stew

  • It’s a good source of Vitamin A, B and C which boost and protects the immune system.
  • The fish stew gives Omega-3 fatty acid – which supports the body in several ways (reduces depression, helps the brain, also reduces asthmatic symptoms –

  • It’s a very good source of protein as well – for the good and healthy growth of the body.

NB: It is adviced to consume several types of fresh fish, avoid a constant consumption of a particular one – because it will create some negetive effects in the body system. Pregnant women and young kids should consume fish in a moderate way too – excess consumption isn’t good.

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How To Prepare Fresh Fish Stew

Fresh Fish Stew

  • Difficulty: medium
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Fresh fish stew is a special stew usually consumed by those in riverine areas, it goes with rice, yam, plantain and swallows like Pounded yam, fufu, semo and eba.


  • Onions (sliced or grated)
  • pepper (blended)
  • tomatoes (blended)
  • seasoning cubes
  • salt
  • curry
  • the fresh fishes
  • water
  • vegetable oil
  • tomato paste.


  • put pot on fire to ensure that it’s dry
  • when dry, add the vegetable oil and allow to heat up
  • when oil gets well heated, add the onions, pepper, tomatoes and stir
  • add curry after some minutes and allow to get steamed up till the water content is reduced and you can see the oil
  • when the water content gets well reduced and you can see the oil; add the tomato paste and stir well
  • Add seasoning cubes, salt and stir
  • taste for salt and seasoning (add more if necessary)
  • Add the fresh fishes and tilt the pot gently from side to side to avoid crushing the fish
  • Add water as preferred to boost the stew from being too dry and allow to boil.
  • taste for salt and pepper, sprinkle more if required. Also taste to make sure the tomato is well cooked (allow the stew to steam up for more minutes if needed).


Fresh fish stew is a good source of protein, minerals, vitamins and other great nutrients that supports the body system.

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Question of the day (rainy day)

😀 When rain dey fall, which food you like to dey chop?

Translation: When it’s raining, which food do you enjoy eating?

😀 “Me o, I like eating hot beans with bread or pap, I dont know who enjoys that too.” 😉

When it’s raining, which food do you enjoy most?

Please drop your comment in the box below (go down), thanks!

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Young Girls and Cooking

I read an article about teaching kids the joys of cooking by Sonja Olivier (; I like what she did when her kids were very young, it must have been an interesting experience for her; she taught her kids of 2 – 3 years old how to crack and beat eggs, wow! :-O . I discovered her post when she recently liked my article – 5 ways to maintain an electric blender, Thanks! Sonja 😉 .

I have some Questions for you (my readers);

Why is it that some young girls do not know how to cook, while others can cook very well?

What do you think can help young girls to cook well?

Drop your comments in the box below, your view can be very helpful

. 🙂
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5 Ways To Maintain Your Electric Blender

😦 , I felt very sad when my Panasonic blender which had lasted 11 years developed a fault, a rubber controlling it’s blade had pull off, I applied glue but it was still shaking, it got to an extent that the blades could not rotate again, How do I blend my pepper and tomatoes now? 😦 uh!!!

Maintaining an electric blender requires different steps, if you want your blender to last long, read and follow the rules in this article.

Promise #1 fufilled

5 Ways to Maintain Your Electric Blender

1. Wash Your Blender Immediately

If you want your blender (inside and out) to retain it’s sparkling look; wash it, rinse and dry after blending. Avoid leaving your blender unwashed till you finish cooking. Immediately after blending, transfer what you have blended into another container and wash it.

If you notice, most blenders have a rubber-like material underneath, as the blender’s motor rotates, this rubber controls the blade. If you do not wash your blender immediately; the liquid from what you blend will sink down, after some days and months, this liquid will cause rust and affect a metal and screw holding the rubber, it will make the rubber remove as you blend (just like mine) 😦 , hence wash, rinse and dry your blender immediately!

2. Avoid Blending Hard Food Stuff With Your Blender

If you blend hard food stuffs, you are damaging your blender’s blade, and also causing scratches to the blender. Pound this hard food stuffs or slice it into smaller pieces before blending, this will help to maintain your blender. Food stuffs like beans or corn can be soaked in water to reduce it’s hardness, but I suggest you use a food processor like the one below.

Food processor

3. Keep Your Blender Safe

Do you know the importance of properly storing your blender?

When you Store your blender rightly, it will serve you for decades, unless you wish to order a new one (for change);

  • avoid keeping your blender where it will slip off
  • avoid keeping the motor of your blender near liquid substances like water, juice or soup. if the motor gets into water, it can get damaged or cause electric shock (if not checked by a technician)
  • Avoid keeping the blender where kids can reach, because they can or will playfully pull it down.

4. Avoid Overloading Food Stuff into the Blender

Overloading makes the blender consume more power, this can damage the blender, the effect of overloading can be noticed when using a power generator, the blender will draw excess power than other appliances. Instead of overloading your blender; reduce and slice what you want to blend into smaller pieces, blend bit by bit, this will help to maintain your blender.

5. Do not Overrun Your Blender

My Panasonic blender came with an intsructional manual, I read it thoroughly; 1-2 minutes was it’s limit, exceeding this limit can make the blender to break apart. When blending, the motor exerts pressure on the blade and breaks down what you are blending, this causes a vibration, if not controlled within the time limit, it will affect the blender, to ensure that the device serves you for a long period; regulate it properly, avoid waiting till 2 minutes, I suggest 30 – 40 seconds because it has worked for me (for 11 years).

Maintain blender
I’m happy now, because the rubber-like stuff under my blender has been changed by a technician. Hurray!!! 🙂
Maintain blender

I’ll make sure I follow the rules above, because I want my blender to serve me forever!. 😀

Do you know other tips for maintaining a blender?
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Forum: Who should buy the kitchen appliances?

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Who is meant to buy the kitchen appliances at home?

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Good day everyone,
I need you to contribute to these;

* Who is meant to buy the kitchen appliances at home?

* Is it only the man’s duty, because he’s the head of his home?


* The woman’s duty, because she is in-charge of the kitchen?

Who is meant to buy the appliances?

Please drop your comments below. Thanks!

Sunday Special: A Prayer For You

I pray for you;
The LORD shall supply all your needs, according to his riches in glory through christ Jesus. You will not lack, God shall put food on your table, you will not go hungry in Jesus name.

As you continue to trust God, He will never fail you. Your source of income shall blossom, men and women will celebrate God in you. Remain Blessed.

🙂 Claim it with your Amen!

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    Kitchen Safety Tip #1: Beware of Grease Fire (Fire Caused By Oil )

    Kitchen Safety Tip #1: Beware Of Grease Fire (Fire Caused By Oil )

    “Never put oil on the fire and walk away, monitor it; if over heated, it could lead to fire outbreak.”


    What you should know on Fire Outbreak Caused by Oil:

    Fire caused by oil is referred to as grease fire, it occurs when oil reaches a particular temperature under heat. This depends on the type of oil used, every oil has a point of causing fire (flashpoint), according to fire outbreak will automatically occour when the temperature of any oil reaches 400-435 degree Celsius (750 – 815 degree Fahrenheit).

    How to Quench Grease Fire (Fire Caused by Oil)

    • Use a dry powder, foam or carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, immediately.
    • WARNING!: Never use water to quench a grease fire, it will worsen it

    • Try to turn off the fuel source immediately (stove, gas cooker or any cooking device used).
    • If the fire has gone round the kitchen; close the doors and windows as you quench, this will reduce breeze or oxygen that spreads the fire, also ensure your fans are off.
    • Be! sensitive!, once you notice the fire getting out of control, call the fire service, call neighbours to assist, never wait till it gets out of hand before doing this.

    Remember this for Your Safety

    Cooking is an activity that requires your total attension, a little diversion can lead to great disaster (not our portion, In Jesus name), hence we should be alert.

    🙂 Thanks for reading, remember to share this kitchen safety tip, don’t miss the next tip; follow news feed, subscribe or simply add the link to your bookmark.

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